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Treatments to preserve and protect your components

For many of our customers, the most important requirement is robust corrosion resistance for components. Customers with medical, food or pharmaceutical end uses have a regulatory requirement for absolute cleanliness of their production processes. Some components are subject to highly demanding environments, such as mining machines, mine processing plants, chemical plants and 24/7 production lines with high salinity and temperature extremes. Swift offers all of these customers a broad range of industrial finishes.


Electroless nickel differs from electroplated nickel in that it is deposited by chemical reaction. This has the advantage that complex shapes can be plated all over with an even deposit. The coating is a nickel phosphorus alloy which has an attractive stainless steel-like appearance. It offers excellent corrosion resistance and as the deposit has an “as plated” hardness of 45 RC, it provides good wear resistance. Durability: HARD

Satin Pearl Black Nickel ind2

Satin Pearl Black Nickel is an elegant architectural or industrial finish. It features a pearly, satin finish and can be applied on most metals and plastic.

Satin Pearl Black Nickel is often used for door hardware, handrails, signage, furniture detailing and lighting. Durability: MEDIUM

Duplex Nickel Chrome ind

Duplex Nickel Chrome uses semi-bright and bright nickel to provide superior corrosion resistance to industrial, marine and automotive components.

Duplex Nickel Chrome provides a high lustre bright finish, exceptional corrosion resistance and can be plated on any metal including aluminium, brass, stainless and mild steel. Durability: HARD

Twilite Smokey Chrome

Twilite Smoky Chrome is our newest finish and produces a striking light smoky black finish on bright nickel substrates.
On satin substrates it produces an attractive light pearl gun metal black finish.

Twilite Smoky Chrome is popular for tapware, bathroom and door hardware and is seen in homes, apartments, bars and coffee shops and retail fitouts. Durability: HARD

Satin Matt Black Chrome ind

Satin Matt Black Chrome provides a sophisticated appearance and a hard surface, which is corrosion and wear resistant. It can be plated on metals such as steel, aluminium, brass, stainless, bronze and copper. For a different look, Swift can also brush or blast and oil or wax this finish.

Satin Matt Black Chrome is a popular finish for door hardware, tapware, signage, kitchen and bathroom hardware, bar and café fitouts and lighting. Durability: HARD

Stainless Steel Pickling and Passivation: During the manufacture and fabrication of stainless steel components, impurities such as sulphide particles and scales from welding are introduced to the stainless steel which lowers the performance and corrosion resistance of the material. Pickling uses acids which remove these impurities and etches the stainless steel. The passivation process also removes minor impurities and enhances the chromium level on the surface. Swift also provides metal polishing, degreasing, and glass bead blasting services to ensure that the finish you receive is the best possible.

Stainless Steel Electropolishing goes a step further in that it creates a smoothing and brightening of the surface. It is a process in which a thin layer of the stainless steel material is removed electrolytically in a controlled manner. This results in a clean, bright, attractive finish with improved corrosion resistance especially on 300 series stainless steels.
Stainless Steel Electropolished

Interested? Please contact us for more information on any of these finishes.

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